You can offer this – it’s a beautiful thing…

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It’s a beautiful thing when you can offer this to people…
People need real solutions to very real problems.
Most shun online programs because even when they join them and work them hard…
Most are only designed to pay peanuts until they recruit small nations to make any real gains.
What I love about what you can offer with this is that with ONE sale and you get $500…
You can help someone pay a car payment.
With one sale, you get $1000…
You can help someone make the rent or a mortgage payment…
With one sale and you get $250…

You can help someone pay their electric bill and not get cut off.

Real gains. Real solutions. Real help for people.

Each transaction.

And all we do is share this message (yeah, like copy and paste this very email all over the place to have people see it offline or online, social media, email like this.. whatever… by any means necessary)

No waiting years (eternity) to fill in matrixes, and no having to wait to recruit an army the size of Ghengis Khan before you can help a person (even brand new) truly receive life changing results with just ONE sale.

The numbers at 100%commission rates and our autopilot system:
1. With just one $250 sale: Pay an electric bill. Keep the lights on.
2. With just one $500 sale: Pay your car payment. No REPO!!! yay!
3. With just one $1,000 sale: Pay the rent or mortgage! Home for your kiddos!!
I didn’t come online to help people waste time and spin their wheels.
I didn’t come online to “help people” just make peanuts inside of “take forever to build” programs you work like a peasant but that just nickel and dime you to death (death by a thousand cuts but no paydays)
I came online to have an impact and help people build freedom and financial strength.

We all did.

I want to help change people’s lives in THIS lifetime… not in 10 years from now…

We’ve covered all the bases for new people.
Low enough price points that ANYONE who truly seeks change and a real shot at unlimited prosperity can get started here. No arrogant “gurus” to string you along…
And also robust enough to help you make some powerful changes in your life THIS MONTH (if we just put our heads down and get to work – together) and receive the financial strength to make big payments NOW, right now…
.this month… not in “3-5 years” because people on THAT plan for 13-15 years are still waiting and struggling and having the rug pulled out from under them on average… twice to three times a year and they have to start over.
No need.
That’s obsolete compared to what you deserve.

Our team’s plan is built from the ground up to perform starting NOW… you can’t beat 100%commissions of $250, $500 & $1,000 to help people make serious changes in life…

And to consistently deliver legacy results by working hard for 3-5 months HELPING OTHER PEOPLE plug into our system.

If what you’re looking for is a faster path to full time style results, then you have to watch this video and get started with me directly.
I’m ready to help you.
I need solid partners to commit to though and I’m looking for you. It’s so much easier and faster to lock on with people willing to commit and work…
We can change thousands of people’s lives.
And it’s all with a very simplistic, but powerful system and game plan here:
Start there so that you can receive the email campaign and be directed to the video sales sytem you’ll be using.

Review it all.

I’ll show you more of our training and step by step mentoring process tomorrow with a new video and coaching session but I’m ready to

help you get started and I’m ready to help you close your sales right now.

Let’s go.


How much do you want per transaction?

How many of those do you want this month?

Just one of each… per month… would be LIFE CHANGING to most of the people we can help. How many do you want to reach this month? I want to reach as many as we can.
How  many people do you want to help get these kinds of gains per transaction using this very simple system and our education program?
Nothing to reinvent.

I’m just always looking for solid, committed, dependable, good people to build it with.

Are you ready?

Watch all of this and let me know:

And like always, thank you for your leadership!


Lars Deshayes