Working at Home – Escape from Your Computer


All dedicated computer users probably understand what it is like to be really engrossed in whatever computer activity we might be involved in and unable or unwilling to stop even momentarily. However it is important to understand how seriously unhealthy it is not to get up regularly to rest the pressure that is being put on your entire skeletal system.

You really need to get your circulation going by moving around. This can take the form of short walks around your house, or some type of stretching exercise. It doesn’t have to be longer than a few minutes every hour or two but should definitely not be ignored.

At the same time you should be aware that your eyes need to rest as well. There is one exercise that involves looking at something as far away as possible (out a window for example). Focus on that for a few minutes. Your eyes will not be stuck at whatever distance is between you and your computer monitor. You can also alternate this with just closing your eyes for a few minutes to rest them.

None of these suggestions are remotely close to ‘slacking’ – they are necessary to maintain your good health. Look at it like if you were in too much back pain to work. Your neck is stiff, your lower back is painful, and you are not able to stand it after a while and must take time off to recuperate. This represents lost productivity and consequently income in addition to ruining your health.

If you do abuse your spine, one thing that is very effective and much healthier than pain pills or even OTC pain remedies is to get an ice pack – Ideally one of those that usually has a blue gel and is reusable indefinitely. It lives in your freezer and you take it out and use it for not more than 20-minutes on the same spot off and on.

Three more tips you should be aware of to alleviate some of the strain on your lower back that comes from too much sitting, etc., are as follows:

#1 Employ some sort of a footstool (a phone book works). You will feel right away how you are more comfortable not straining;

#2 Be sure that your computer keyboard and mouse are exactly in a straight line with your hands. This means no reaching up or down and straining your wrist and neck;

#3 Your monitor should be exactly at eye level – again this is no straining to look up or down. It should naturally be straight ahead.

If you want further information – just Google ‘ergonomics’.

Does Extra Money Sound Like a Good Thing?

To most people it would. There always seems to be something extra we need. If we are living paycheck to paycheck then there are likely things we cannot afford to buy and we just have to learn to live without them.

Then again, why should we have to? There are a number of things you can do to create more income just working at it part-time from home. Of course there are other options such as a part-time job but this is really gnarly. You must rush from one job to the next considering your commute time and start and end time for both positions.

You may end up eating dinner in your car as you drive from one job to the other. Once again you were not able to see your family as by the time you get home they will be sleeping. Obviously if you think about having a part-time home business to earn extra money, it is a whole lot more pleasant and relaxed than the above scenario.

You can take your time coming home from your day job and settling in. You can visit with your family and have a nice relaxing dinner. Whenever you are ready, you can go and boot up your computer. You can now focus on developing your source of extra income, your part-time home business. It is up to you if you have the energy to put in several hours or just more or less check in and make sure everything is running right.

There are many things you can do online to earn money. Easiest and fastest would be joining an affiliate program where they supply everything you need to get set up and running. All you have to do is marketing and advertising online to promote the business and eventually earn commissions.

There are also other things you can do that also involve advertising – for example becoming a reseller for a product where the company does ‘drop-shipping’ straight from your order to the customer.

Other examples are providing a service for other home businesses – maybe technical, maybe office services. There are lots of ideas for you to consider that cost very little to implement.


Working At Home – What More Could You Do?


If you are fortunate enough to work from home either part or full time, you have a lot more time on your hands than you may realize. When you work outside the home the usual time span for work is 8-hours. You may also include an hour for commute time and another for lunch.

So you have this small window where you need to get everything done or you start to fall behind or are not meeting deadlines. This creates a special stress that is in addition to all the other time constraints you have to meet. However when you work at home it is not as limited.

You actually have 24-hours in a day and right off the top you can see where that is 3 times as much time as you have to get things done if you have a job. It is not only that you can take advantage of all the hours in a day, but you can use those hours in any way you feel most comfortable.

For example, if on Monday you want to go shopping and out to lunch, you can do your work when you get back. Then on Tuesday you want to dig in and get your work done first thing. So you work for 4-hours and then get ready to head out to the gym. When you get back maybe you do some more work or not.

The point is you can both meet deadlines and be flexible. You can be comfortable. This type of environment is what stimulates creativity and productivity. If you enjoy what you are doing, it makes life so much more fun. Of course if you have a family you can probably see where you would have more time to spend with them.

If you sit down right now and make a tentative schedule for the next week, you will see all the free time you have to fill in with both work and play, You may remember the song from the 60’s where they say ‘relax and float downstream’. You can do that!

Work at Home – Always Be Early or On Time

Especially if you are taking your home business seriously, you will want to be proactive. If you really expect to earn an income online you will need to be engaged in your business. Once you get your website or affiliate link online, that is not all there is to it.

On ‘Autopilot’ does not mean there is nothing to do. You should implement as many things as you can to promote your business. What is true about autopilot is that you do not have to be online to make a sale.

The affiliate programs will handle your transactions and will give you a report of your commissions earned. Technically you can make sales 24-hours a day because your links and advertising are always running on the world-wide-web (globally).

So once you get everything set up you just need to check to be sure here are no system errors that are preventing your site(s) to display. You also need your hosting account to be running and that your domain name registration is current. (website)

It is also important that you check your reports at the affiliate programs to be sure that there are no problems with members or payments either to you or to your customers. It may be critical because people will just quit the program if they don’t understand something, or they may decide not to join in the first place.

If you know you have things you need to do, try not to wait for the deadline. If you can accomplish some tasks in the meantime this would always be best. Stay ahead of the game.

You do not know in the near future that you will encounter obstacles that you need to resolve before you can move forward. If you have to rush everything it is an environment where errors are more likely to occur as a result.

Really the bottom line is that you like having a home business and you may even enjoy doing all the necessary procedures. This will be a lot more possible if you take an organized approach. You may find that in the spare time you created by being proactive, that you may now expand your portfolio of opportunities. You have time.

Do You Have Performance Goals for Your Home Business?

It would be a real good idea to conduct a self-audit to see how you stack up in providing customer service for your members and prospects. You can actually keep a running total if you will remember to keep it up. Then your audit would only consist of calculating your results

You could list every time a customer has to remind you that you haven’t done something you promised; when you are late with fulfilling an obligation; when you don’t show up for a conference and any other time you have told the customer you would. You can see that the customer shouldn’t have to remind you that you are not really engaged.

You could actually have ‘target goals’ where you try to have less instances where the customer is impacted by something you didn’t remember or bother to do that they are expecting. This happens even where someone has paid for something and it is not received until they have to remind the business owner that he/she owes them. Pretty scandalous.

Of course this can be an opportunity to actually make points with the customer if the problem is handled in the right way. (The right way being fast, complete and not again). Of course this doesn’t work after a while if you keep repeating the same bad behavior. So the idea is to keep track of everything so that you can try to focus some extra effort to provide decent customer service to your members and customers.

The other area that people sometimes don’t seem to think reflect on their credibility is software that month after month doesn’t perform correctly. At first there are excuses and promises to fix it but then it just can become a given – the software doesn’t work, live with it (or not). While the member may not leave due to this, it has to cause them to wonder why you would allow the inconvenience and surely must begin to feel like they don’t really matter to you.

6 Ways To Keep Money Flowing Over Holiday Vacation


As entrepreneurs, our work doesn’t stop just because the kids aren’t going to school (my wife is a teacher, so she’ll be home, too).  One of the main benefits of what we do is being able to decide when we work less or want to spend extra time with those that matter most to us.

Yet, we still have to pay the bills.

In this post, I’m going to separate our “6 ways” into 3 ways to prepare and 3 quick things you can do while working less to keep the money coming in.

3 Ways To Prepare For A Vacation

The easiest way to prepare for vacation is to do as much as possible before you disappear.  Any of these 3 will give you the ability to detach from your computer or phone and enjoy time with your family.

Setup An Email Promo In Advance

This is what your autoresponder is for.  Many of us fall into the daily mess of jumping into our autoresponder and sending out a new broadcast email every day.

Yet, the autoresponder is designed to deliver messages when you’re not there.

Write a series of emails to cover the days you’re not going to be functionally working.  Make sure they’re going to go out at the right times and wait for the payment notices.

Schedule Social Posts Using Buffer

If you’ve got a majority of your audience on social media, Buffer is about to become your best friend.

It allows you to schedule posts to all of the big social networks (including Instagram).

If you’re going to run a promo to your email list, Buffer will give you the ability to schedule social posts to go out at the same time as your emails.

Most importantly, they have a free version you can use to see how you like it before signing up for the “business” version.

Create Any Content In Advance

If you do any regular blogging, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got some posts prepared before you head off.

Combine an email in your autoresponder and a blast on your social networks and you’ll have a promotion machine working for you while you’re off having fun.

3 Quick Things You Can Do For Money While On Vacation

What if you want to take the kids out for a crazy Hibachi dinner that’s going to cost you $200 and you’re low on cash and credit after buying gifts?

Any of these 3 will give you a cash infusion to do something extra during vacation.

Run A Quick Promo

To get attention over the holiday time, you better do something worthy of people’s attention.

In the “Internet Marketing” space, there isn’t a single launch between 12/24 and 12/26 due to Christmas.  I’ve never seen it happen before.

Usually there is one marketer with a killer offer over the holiday.  Not this year.

It’s a huge risk to invest a bunch of money, time, and attention into a product to launch at a time where people are supposed to be hanging out with their families.

Yet, if you’re the only one with a live offer at that time, you’re going to get eyeballs.


People will still be staring at their phones when they get bored.

If an email comes in talking about your product, you have a chance to get sales.

The key with a promo over the holidays is to give a crazy deal or something groundbreaking.

If it’s your product, cut the price or stack on extra bonuses.

If it’s an affiliate offer, throw in some personal 1-on-1 help.  Most people won’t take you up on it, but make sure to politely let people know you won’t be available to help until after your vacation ends.

Do An Ad Swap With A Friend

Whether you’re promoting an offer or have products of your own that you sell, you’ve built an email list of customers and prospects.  Most of our customers send our traffic to a squeeze page (as they should).

An ad swap is where you and a friend with a similar list size agree to send out a promo for each other.  You email your list suggesting they check out your friend.  They do the same for you.

No money has to involved.

As long as you can both create a similar amount of clicks, this is a win/win.

If you don’t have any friends you can do an ad swap with, you can buy some of our traffic instead.

Find A Starving Audience And Feed Them

Finding a new audience and creating an offer is quick?  Not really, unless you have the technology to back it up (Shopify, OptimizePress, or LeadPages).

The idea here is to build an offer or product that you can put in front of people that are nearly guaranteed to buy it.

An example for me would be anything related to Deadpool.  Facebook has figured out that I like Deadpool, so the T-shirt that I saw with Deadpool and a unicorn nearly got me to grab my credit card.

Generally, T-shirt campaigns won’t pay out quickly, so the only way for you to sell them would be to find a print on demand company willing to send products to your customers, then set it up on something like Shopify.

Again, not a quick cash infusion…

However, this will work if you have things you no longer need.  Video games?  Go to Gamestop and sell them.  Fashionable clothes?   Find a Plato’s closet and sell them.  Got a computer you don’t need or use?  Offer up a crazy deal on Craigslist.

I wouldn’t suggest selling things that matter, but most of us have tons of things we never use.  If you’d rather have cash in your pocket, get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Regardless of immediate results, you are doing great at whatever you are doing! Why?Simply because you are doing it! Yes – A for effort! If you stick to it, you may be able to accomplish something tangible, if that is your goal.

The point is if you are not doing anything but wasting your spare time chattering or vegetating (couch potato) , it is really a waste of energy if nothing else. We do need some time to relax and enjoy ourselves on a regular basis. However enough is enough.

Make your ‘you’ time count for everything positive – if you go to the gym or have another exercise regime, be sure you don’t skip it. Your health is the foundation of everything else in your life. If you are not well, you can’t work or play effectively. Take care of what matters most first.

If you have a day job and are building a home business, you are going to be busy. Of course add to that time you need to spend with your family. Again, take care of what matters most first. With that said if your kids are old enough to understand, they should be advised that they need to respect your working hours. Ideal if they are little and you can work while they nap or go to school.

Remember though that when you work at home you have a 24-hour clock in which to get everything done. It is not like an 8-hour job. With a home business, you can work at your own pace. If you feel more energetic at night, then you can work at night. You can scatter it if you work in the morning for a few hours, and then go back and finish up at night.

When you look at the 24-hour clock you will see you have plenty of time and can just focus on what you need to do, whenever you want to do it. This will likely result in your best performance! It Is really true that we do best at what we like to do.

Home Business Issues – Use Your Vacation Time Wisely

We do need some down-time periodically so be sure to enjoy yourself for at least half of your vacation time. However it is a real good idea to use it to gain some momentum as far as devoting some extra time to your business. Have you had some ideas or insights and realized there is more you could do to accomplish your goals sooner?

t is pretty normal that on most days what with the day job, the family, and the home business that there is just not another minute that you have to yourself. That is why it may take a period where you know you have free time that you could use to be a little more productive. You could get a step up that you normally would not take during regular hours.

From the get, you should see that when you work at home either full or part-time, you can look at your clock as having 24-hours. Not 8 as in the 8 straight that you anticipate as your work day. When you look at it as 24-hours it is obvious you have much more time to accomplish what you want to – and on your own terms. Could be 2-hours in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 2 at night. Whatever – flip it upside down sometimes.

There are no truer words than ‘variety is the spice of life’ – and there is no reason not to include your business in that and have the most fun you can with it. This really seems like it would be the key to success in that you will be more willing to give more of your time and effort to make it work for you.

So if you already have some ideas about what you could do differently if you had more time, just do it. However if not, you might think in terms of using that extra time to learn something new that would help improve your bottom line.

Home Biz Issues – Why Do People Procrastinate?

Procrastination really is something that people should try to avoid. However it seems like a given with many people. They seem incapable of sticking to a schedule or in doing things in a timely way. It is so pervasive that it appears they need the pressure of always being late or behind in order to do the task at all.

There are some things that may not be obvious that we can get away with up to a certain degree. It is only when there are actual deadlines that it becomes apparent to our customers and peers that we are disorganized to the point where we are rude and you may wonder why you are doing business with this person.

Obviously this is not something you want people to remember about your service. However if it is something that you do as a rule and not an exception, you can bet you are building a bad reputation. If you want to stick to your sloppy ways, then don’t mind when people choose your competitors instead of you when it Is time to make a choice.

It is not just a matter of being on time so that you don’t inconvenience others when you ignore deadlines, but also the fact that after a while people begin to wonder how anything you do can be trusted. If you are organized and efficient yourself then it is much more important to you when you are repeatedly disappointed by dubious procedure. You realize that having a clear mind is important and comes from being organized rather than always in a state of chaos.

It may be the case with certain personality types that they can be brilliant and creative, yet as far as business goes, slobs. Maybe with real artists they can get away with a certain level of being ‘untogether’.

Another good excuse would be if the product was particularly brilliant. People would be more willing to put up with some level of inefficiency in order to get the product regardless. However you never know when the person will cross over to being insulted enough to just walk away.

Hackers Stole $40 Million From The Coinrail Exchange!


The Coinrail platform is on the last line uín the list of the largest exchanges for trading currencies, but despite the rating, until recently it owned a large sum of money. But attackers took money in various cryptocurrencies.

So 19.5 million dollars was stolen in tokens NPXS, issued by the developer of payments solutions Pundi X.

$13.8 million in the tokens of the project Aston X, which is developing a platform for the decentralization of documents.

5.8 million dollars in Dent tokens, used calculations on the platform for the transfer of mobile data.

And 1.1 million dollars in Tron tokens and smaller amounts in other cryptocurrencies.