Focus on Your Target Goals

For many people they mistakenly think they don’t need actual ‘goals’ in their life. They figure they will just go with the flow and see where it takes them. This is a mistake because often you will just go along and never really get anywhere except your least denomination.

Somehow some people ‘grow up’ with no real idea of what they want to do or be. They never really find out and end up with the best ‘dead-end’ job they can find. Not to say really ‘dead end’, but just not necessarily as well as you could have done had you had goals to target.

You look at this type of job as an income, sometimes barely sufficient but good enough since there are no expectations. Sometimes this happens to people who do not have a lot of self-esteem and have more or less just been satisfied with whatever life puts in front of them. In a way that is not totally negative that they can just be happy to be!

At some point however you can change. You can start wondering what it would be like to have more money or more freedom. You can even do something about it if you really want to. It could start with a free online course to teach you something you could do to earn extra money.

Or you could just discover some affiliate program(s) that are very inexpensive to join and will teach you some basic things to start an online business. So now you may have what is considered a ‘goal’. In fact the goal even has a target to focus on.

Maybe you could set a target goal to make $25 a week in referral commissions as your initial goal, with or without a timeline, and then as you meet your benchmark your target goal could be increased to $50 a week and you are on your way!

This is awesome and fast tracks people to full time…

A Faster Track to Full Time Online…
Not all people are focused on creating full time results online.
I get that.
That’s ok.
But for those people who ARE looking for a plan to generate full time results online, this is a great development.
One of the things you want to focus on is lowering your expenses.
Getting rid of as many unimportant costs, specially monthly, is key.
This allows you to focus on aiming your resources on productive activities as much as possible.
Another important thing to focus on is how to increase your margin per transaction.
Being able to take in $50 on a $250 sale is one thing.
Being able to take in $500 on a $500 sale is even better, right?
Simple math.
Being able to take in $1,000 on a $1,000 sale is helpful if you want to go full time.
So I believe in helping people simplify their systems and get as much results as possible.
People are busy and don’t have a whole lot of time to waste.
They want results quicker so they can live their life.
That’s why I love 100%commissions.
No monthly fees.
And a system and educational environment that gives people a variety of strategies that help them build. It gives some people the ability to really focus on production and attracting like-minded people who also see the value in earning $250, $500, $1,000 per transaction with tiny admin fees.
f that’s what you’re really looking for, I’d
Either way…
It can be exactly what you’ve been looking for to get that job done.
If you have any questions about that, let me know.

Affiliate Marketing Basics The Mechanics of Wealth in Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing: It can and should be very simple.

Most people complicate it.

At its core, affiliate marketing is simply being able to recommend and promote other people’s brands, products and services for a commission.


You like a product, service or brand…

You get an affiliate link for it…

You put that link in front of other people and recommend that they check out and buy the product…

Sales get made.

You get a commission for sending that company a new customer.

That’s it.



Free enterprise.

So, the core of affiliate marketing is very simple.

What we do from there is teach people how to increase their marketing and promotion skills so that they can send in more traffic, collect more leads, follow up better with those prospects and close more sales.

This is how you can make more money with affiliate marketing.

To do this, we use “marketing funnels” and direct response marketing strategies.


First: Lead Capture Page. Free offer collects email leads.

Second: Video Presentation Page. Delivers your presentation 24/7

Third: Email Follow Up. Daily emails invite back to presentation.

Fourth: Social Media Networking. Establishes rapport. Builds Trust.

Using this recipe you can leverage the power, reach and speed of the internet to close more sales. You can take yourself through a simple system like this by clicking here and take notes of how everything is laid out. It’s a very simple and direct way to leverage into a high converting affiliate marketing system that pays 100% commissions and no monthly fees.

Just market and make money.

SUPER SIMPLE MONEY MAKER: Use a system like this to generate faster cash in affiliate marketing…

50,000 People Agree…


…that this system really works!

You may be asking, “What is the hidden sauce to this system?”

It’s very easy -> List Building.

Creating an email list is the #1 priority of any business.

You may ask why?

An email list is crucial because…


– Email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel

– It allows you to convert new subscribers

– It allows you to sell to existing subscribers.

– If your main business is gone you still have your list.
And you don’t believe me?

Take a look at the major brands inside of your email inbox. Starbucks – Target – Macy’s – Apple…

The big brands understand the value of list building, and you should, too!

Become a list building NINJA

List building is your secret ticket to FREEDOM!

And don’t just take my word for it…

There are over 50,000 customers who have transformed their lives with this simple and easy program.

What are you going to do?


See you soon,

Lars Deshayes

P.S. Maybe you’re hesitant because you have a friend or family member who lost money online; I get that.

There’s a lot of junk out there. Luckily, Online Sales Pro was built with solid BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Trident Crypto Fund – Trident Coin Scam? [Review]


Is the Trident Crypto Fund legit or just another ponzi scheme scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look at the Trident Crypto Fund (Trident Coin) which is currently still in it’s pre-launch phase to see whether it’s actually a legitimate thing to invest in.

Over the past few months many programs just like this have come and gone, so is this just another scam? My full review is down below.

Before I start…

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Trident Crypto Fund Review

The Trident Crypto Fund is a new website that has launched in the cryptocurrency space. There is actually a coin launching called the Trident Coin and the website “tridentcryptofund” actually claims that you can invest and they will operate a crypto index fund which will basically invest your money across the top cryptocurrency coins just as a normal index fund would for the stock market.

This particular opportunity caught my eye since I saw people recommending the pre-launch and pushing people to join much like an MLM company. To me this doesn’t really look like your typical cryptocurrency coin ICO but instead it looks like a MLM pre-launch. We have seen this kind of thing happen with other opportunities that seem to have collapsed over the last few months like USI Tech and BitConnect X.

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Those are not good things to be compared to, so how do we know if Trident Coin (Trident Crypto Fund) is actually legit, or whether it’s just another ponzi scheme scam destined to collapse?

All we can do is look at the information available to us. At the moment we are in pre-launch so it’s hard to make an overall judgement but we can look at the information that has been given to us to understand exactly what is on offer here, and whether there is some specific reason that many people are promoting this. I suspect that there’s a lucrative referral program in place and that is why so many people (such as internet marketers) are pushing this new coin.

How Does Trident Crypto Fund Work?

The Trident Crypto Fund website states that we’re living in a blockchain revolution and cryptocurrencies are the first tangible expression. The website goes on to state how the market cap of crypto hit $800 billion in January 2018. This is accurate data as I do remember seeing this figure on a popular cryptocurrency website when checking my own portfolio. However since then the market has dropped down to less than $300 billion. There has been a major market correction, so the Trident Crypto Fund isn’t really talking about that, they are just talking about how things have been going up and up and will only continue this way apparently.

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It goes on to talk about how the technology is improving and more efficient methods are coming to the foreground. I certainly can’t argue with any of this information because I believe in blockchain technology myself and I am certain that in the future we will see real world use cases for blockchain.

The website goes on to talk about how whilst Bitcoin is still the top cryptocurrency coin there are other alternative cryptocurrencies you can invest in and what the Trident Crypto Fund has done by creating their Trident Coin is to basically put together an index fund which invested in the top 10 cryptocurrency coins.

It’s similar to an index in the stock market such as the S&P 500 index but it’s for cryptocurrency. They take the 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap and they assign weight to them and then use the weight to combine prices into an index.

What’s The Point Of Trident Crypto Fund?

Investing in multiple cryptocurrencies can be a pain. Many of these cryptocurrencies are actually on different exchanges. You can’t just go to one website and buy every single cryptocurrency. You actually need to sign up individually to multiple exchanges where you can buy the cryptocurrency that you actually want. If you wanted to invest in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap you would likely need to sign up to probably 4-5 different exchanges.

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That means signing up, actually learning how the platform works and also verifying your accounts which can take days or even weeks sometimes.

It’s not necessarily a negative thing, after all I have multiple exchange accounts so that I can freely invest in cryptocurrencies however the goal of the Trident Crypto Fund is actually to make it incredibly easy by just investing in their fund / Trident Coin which will already do the job. This is why they designed their index fund.

To be honest I like the idea behind this, it makes it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies. What I’m wary of is whether this is actually a legitimate operation though.

Bold claims from Trident Coin

Is Trident Crypto Fund / Trident Coin A Scam?

There are a few warning signs when it comes to the Trident Crypto Fund / Trident Coin. Let me list them below:

  • Parts of their website aren’t finished
  • Website claims you can get “daily profit”
  • Research every 6 months to select 2 currencies
  • Referral program looks like MLM
trident crypto fund website
Trident Crypto Fund website isn’t finished

When I was looking at their website to learn more about what they have to offer I noticed that parts of it weren’t even finished. Perhaps this is an honest mistake but it doesn’t exactly paint a picture of confidence. When you are launching a financial fund surely you would take the time to actually make sure your website is finished.

Next up the thing the huge warning sign I can see is that the website claims you can make a daily profit. If you’ve looked at cryptocurrency over the past few weeks you’d see that it’s been going down and down every single day. In a bear market like this how is the index fund going to make a daily profit? Sure it’s easy to make a daily profit in a bull market like what we had towards the end of 2017 when everything was going up but guaranteeing a daily profit is just risky and sounds like a ponzi scheme.

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For example other programs that offered these kind of returns have been proven as ponzi schemes and even shut down. I’m talking about the likes of BitConnect which was one of the biggest coins just a few months ago worth $100’s per coin and now is worth barely anything. Also USI Tech which never even launched it’s Tech Coin but was growing like crazy and then go shut down. I think they re-launched but they are nothing compared to what they were during 2017.

Other scam coins have launched too like Falcon Coin and Profitable Morrows but where are they now? It’s scam coins like this and the similarities that Trident Coin has which make me really question whether this is actually a legitimate operation or another scam.

Trident Coin / Crypto Fund Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the Trident Coin and the Trident Crypto Fund on offer it is certainly not something I would want to recommend or invest in. For the sake of those who are already involved I sincerely hope that they prove me wrong and it is a legitimate operation but I wouldn’t want to take the risk personally. I’ve seen too much destruction happen with programs like this and people literally losing their life savings.

I would not want to be part of something like this where people can quite literally have their lives ruined if it does turn out to be a ponzi scheme.

If you do plan on investing all I can say is that you should be prepared to lose every pennyyou put in.

Rather than take that risk, you should check out “my no.1 recommendation” below and see how to build a real online income.

Before you leave

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Anybody Can Become an Entrepreneur

It really just takes a little inspiration and motivation. It’s a pretty big word and it is more or less just recently being used much so it is still ‘scary’ to people. Many regular people would not think of themselves in this category. Even with college they probably just feel their lot is 9 to 5 and hopefully that is the yellow-brick road up the corporate ladder someday.

However again, anybody, college or not could become an entrepreneur just doing something on their own. Although maybe somewhat limited in perspective, as we can’t know everybody, it seems you hear more wealthy entrepreneurs either dropped out of college or never even went.

This is probably not something you want to advertise to your kids, because on ‘average’ people that graduate from college generally have much more opportunity to make the most money. This is proven statistically and then you have to consider how many millionaire entrepreneurs there really are. There are actually quite a few, but per ratio, not that many when you count the entire working population.

So there may be some other elements to be considered when we say all you need is a little inspiration and motivation. That inspiration probably includes a large measure of creativity. This might begin with ideas, but would need to be carried forward by actually taking action to manifest them.

Motivation may cover the part where we are able to actually stand up and do it rather than dreaming and imagining it. Motivation would also include that drive that comes from wanting things. This could include wanting money, wanting material possessions, wanting prestige, wanting to accomplish something, or wanting to be original.

As they say ‘whatever floats your boat’. If you have any inclination whatsoever to become an entrepreneur, take some action now which will be to your benefit win or lose. It can be something as small as joining an affiliate marketing program and using that inroad to start your own online home business. Get a feel for running things and doing things your way.

From this point you can see what happens and/or if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur. The affiliate program is a real ‘earn while you learn’ opportunity. You will not only learn how to promote a business online, but many other aspects of running your own business. You may make some money along the way.

Your focus can be on that money or on what you are learning and what you are becoming. You can really focus on all of it!

Unique Ways to Generate More Leads

Lead generation is an ongoing process for most businesses. If you find that your current methods are no longer as effective as they once were, it may be time to start thinking outside the box a little. The ideas in this post will give you some creative methods of getting those leads that just might appeal a little more to your target market.

  1. Quizzes

A quick peek at Facebook these days will let you know that quizzes are ridiculously popular. Not only are they popular, but people share them and then others take the quiz, too. If you can create a series of questions that is related to your topic, it can be a fun and easy way to collect leads.

  1. Expert Interviews

Teaming up with someone else not only boosts your authority and the value to your readers, it also affords you access to another group of followers. Choose relevant experts in your niche and ask them for interviews. Many will be pleased to do it, since it also boosts their reputations. Keep the interviews simple, but ask

questions that your followers want answers to (this is a good opportunity to poll them ahead of time). Finally, post the interviews and let the experts know that they’re available for viewing. They’ll likely share it to their own audiences, which means you’ll gain extra followers.

  1. Guest Bloggers

You read a lot about guest blogging, and it’s common advice to get your articles published on someone else’s site to garner more traffic to your own. While this is a great idea and should certainly be used, a far more overlooked option is to allow others to guest blog on your own site. Be sure to choose only high quality bloggers in your niche, then let them create some unique content for you. The fresh content is great on its own, but the real boon here is the guest posters sharing their blogs on social media, bringing a number of new potential followers to your site.

  1. Infographics

Bloggers and social media users love infographics. All that information packed into an easily read, visually stimulating image makes for some real viral sharing potential. You can make your own niche-specific infographics with a site like Canva or outsource the job to a professional. Then add them to your own site and make the codes to embed them available for others to grab.

  1. Workshops

Depending on what your company sells, you may be able to set up a workshop, either online or locally. Online workshops have the obvious advantage of reaching more people and being more readily available to your audience, but either method can work. Make the workshop relevant and useful, and then collect email addresses as part of the registration.

  1. TV Features

While this is usually a more expensive option, getting your product or company featured on a popular television show can be an excellent method of lead generation. If you don’t have the budget to get into a prime time show, aim for a local show that may be more open to trades.

  1. White Papers

Does your company provide white papers on your niche topics? If not, it’s time to start doing so. Nearly every type of business can implement this strategy and use the white papers as a lead generating tool.

Lead generation requires getting creative sometimes. You can never have too many things going on when it comes to bringing in those leads, so go ahead and try some new techniques. You may be surprised by the results

Email Marketing Tricks to Boost Click-throughs

All the email marketing in the world won’t do you much good if no one ever clicks through the links in the email. It can get discouraging to see hundreds of emails opened, but a pathetically low click-through rate. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. It just requires a little bit of motivation.

  1. Keep it short. Shorter emails tend to get more click-throughs. If you have too much copy, it’s more likely the reader will click away or delete the email rather than clicking the links. This is particularly true if your links are at the bottom of your email.
  2. Share the best first. Since it’s possible your readers will only read the first part of the email, put the best writing first. If you have big news to share, this is a good spot to put it. Adding the most important information first ensures it will be read. Don’t forget to include a link in that section.
  3. Split your lists. Email segmentation is key to providing your subscribers with the most relevant content. However, it has another benefit. When you offer highly personalized and targeted content in your emails, you’ll see a much higher click-through rate.
  4. Mention previous purchases. By segmenting your email lists, you can easily personalize the emails. For example, if you have a list that has only customers who have purchased a specific product from you, go ahead and mention
  5. it. You might let them know that you have an upgrade to the product, or something that will go well with it.
  6. Add a social media button. Everyone is on social media these days, so when you include social media buttons in your emails, it can drastically increase your clicks. In fact, some sources report up to 30{5798771683919dc08e11183da03171b2bf993a57ee876e73bb4134abe1bc4f9c} increases in click-throughs.
  7. Alternatively, offer several links. This goes opposite the previous tip, but it can also be effective, from time to time, to provide a list of links. A good example of this would be when you are showcasing the top blog posts from the past month. Offer your readers a few links to your top posts and let them choose which to select.
  8. Optimize for all screens. Your emails may be read on a variety of screens, but mobile is one of the most common options. Make sure your emails show up nicely on a mobile screen, as well as other screens. Subscribers will tend to click away if they can’t easily read what you’ve sent.
  9. Add a ‘view in browser’ option. If your email doesn’t show up correctly, you should make it possible to click on the link to see it in their browser. This will usually resolve any viewing issues that may come from the email client. It can also encourage click-throughs.
  10. Add a postscript. A P.S. section on your email will encourage readers to click on any link in it. That extra little note feels more personal than the rest of the email and can really appeal to the reader. This is particularly true if you’ve included a call to action or made it sound urgent that they click.

Email marketing is part of every business and there are always ways to improve it. The process is an ongoing one, so try implementing a few of these tricks at a time and see how they affect your click-through rates. Take the ones that work best with your audience and make them a regular part of your marketing campaigns. Looking for an email service provider to house your growing lists and email automations? Check out  preferred ESP, AWeber.

Get started with what to write and a free PDF that includes fill-in-the-blank email templates to make getting started even easier.



I still find slamming your ad at a few places are the best way to expose your ads. The old school said. Open ten to twelve traffic exchanges in your browser and start clicking. The question is, how many will see your ad on every traffic exchange? I’m afraid you will spread out your promotion too thin.

I really slammed my ad at TrafficAdbar yesterday. 1000 hits. The result was about  new leads. And 4 (14 total) signups at My Traffic Coop.
I’m very confident that the idea to focus on very few traffic exchanges at the time will get you the best result. Anyone with a second opinion?

The three programs I still focus on this week are:

Online Sales Pro – The complete funnel and solution for any of your businesses.
Easy1Up – Get educated and earn money at the same time.
My Traffic Coop – Traffic to your business. 14 members. Still testing

Aweber  – My autoresponder for the important list building.
Do you find Aweber expensive? How about the ability to deliver your email if you compare to the autoresponder you use today?

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

Lars Deshayes


I am going have a quick look at Lead Lightning a program developed by Neil Guess. I will give you my perspective on whether this product is worth the advertised price of $7 one time fee, enjoy my Lead Lightning Review.


Lead Lightning sells Internet Marketing training designed to generate automated leads. If you have heard the term leads this is another word for traffic. There are a multitude of lead generating programs selling their wares to prospective buyers.  Lead Lightning in my opinion is what is referred to as a Multi level marketing program (MLM). Programs like Lead Lightning get you to buy in so that you can then turn around and promote Lead Lightning, in other words it is a recruitment based program.

lead lightning leadsWHO IS A GOOD  FIT FOR LEAD LIGHTNING?

I will say that people new to the online money making game are prime targets for recruitment do to the fact they lack the knowledge on how generating income online really works and may be under the misconception that getting traffic or leads relates to sales which is really only half the online money making equation.

All traffic isn’t made equal and most newcomers to Internet marketing don’t understand this principle, If your traffic isn’t targeted or at the right point in the buying cycle traffic is just traffic which in most cases won’t equate to sales. An example of this is if I were to sell keyword tools and the traffic that was being directed my way were actually looking for autoresponders,  what realistic chance do I have of selling them a keyword tool when they are actually looking for something else, this is an unfortunate practice that many lead generating products offer.  People get coerced into buying lists or traffic that in many cases are not relevant to their product they are promoting, but you get traffic so the seller’s obligation is fulfilled, traffic as advertised.


Once inside Lead Lightning you get the opportunity to sell Lead Lightning to prospective buyers. The bulk of your Lead Lightning training revolves around the selling techniques used to sell the Lead Lightning System making this program an MLM program in my view,  the success of the program appears to be heavily linked to recruitment. There is not a lot of value that I can see for your $7,  that  low fee is there to get you through the door which puts you in line for more upsell offers down the line that are hard to refuse,  no one wants to pass up commissions and that’s what you will have to do if you pass up on these upsell offers. One thing leads to another, no pun intended,  and the next thing you know you are in deep with a bill greatly exceeding your $7 investment.


Yes,  technically you could make some money with this program under the regular $7 membership but it’s minimal in comparison to the systems subsequent offers.  I feel in the end the risk of losing money has to be a consideration when you buy into in the Lead Lightning program given the fact that $7 will not be the only money you spend in this program.


Starter membership: This is the $7 membership that got you through the door, you will receive $6 for anyone that signs up under you.

Silver Membership: This is a $29.97 monthly membership that will earn you commissions of $15 a month for any recruit that pays the monthly $29.97  fee.

Gold Membership: $53.97 is the monthly membership which allows you to receive a recurring monthly commission of $20 as long as the recruit purchases this package and stays enrolled.

Diamond Membership: This is a one time payment option on top of one of the previous membership options. You will receive a one time commission of $100 on the sale of this membership.

Platinum Membership: This is a one time payment option that will cost you $497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $400

As you can start to see this program will end up costing you a lot more than $7. The Lead Lightning program operates on a “lottery ticket” mentality, you can’t win unless you buy!   Do you think you have the self discipline to pass up your commissions to one of your recruits?  If someone signs up under you and buys a Gold membership for example which you haven’t bought you get zip,  you do the work and your recruit gets the commission, you will have to make that decision at one time or another!


Lead Lightning is obviously not a scam, it does offer something for your money, not much but something. Lead Lightning is a sales funnel for a more expensive offer,  I really don’t see the point in paying $7 just to find out that you need to spend more!