Happy Humans

An essential part of advertising is focusing on the benefits your potential customers will have when they purchase your product or service.  We want each of them to be happy humans! How can you do that? They need to have a strong sense of how their purchase will benefit them. Let’s look at the four types of customer benefits so that you can emphasize those in your advertising campaigns.

Core Benefits

Focus on why your customers buy your product or service. What is it they need?  What are the main features of your product or service that make people buy it? That is the main functional benefit of your business – the core benefit for your customers.  Often this is enough for the sale.

Expected Benefits

What is the unstated reason that your customers buy your brand name?  Because of that, what is the implied benefit of the purchase? For instance, if you sell Rolex watches, they are going to expect the stellar qualities that such an expensive watch brings.  What do your customers expect from your product or service? It might take these expectations to make the sale.

Augmented Benefits

What extra benefits are there that your customers don’t always know about before their purchase?  Perhaps they discover that yours turns out to be the best of its kind that they’ve experienced. Maybe they didn’t realize how much it retains its value, well beyond their initial impression. These benefits are a pleasant surprise for your customers and may generate excitement after the purchase.  Because of this, your customers focus on these after the purchase and may bring on new customers for you because of them.

Potential Benefits

Your customers have an imagined expectation of what using your product or service may bring for them.  Perhaps they think that it will bring them a perceived sense of status. Maybe they think they’ll look better or feel better or even be better once they try your product or service.  These benefits may not be real or actual, but if your customer feels as though these might be the case, then that might make the sale. Some customers base their purchase solely on these benefits.

As you can see, there are four different approaches to what makes customers happy humans.  Ponder what previous customers have praised about your product or service. Determine which type of benefit those comments show and emphasize that in your advertising campaign.  Want to get the word out there to your potential customers? Join us at Online Sales Pro to benefit your business.   We’re here to help you implement systems and tools that are already proven to work and scale your business!

Use Instagram to Build Your Business

People use Instagram all time – and successfully – to boost their business.  They claim it’s simple to use and it works well for them. How about you? Have you used Instagram to get more mileage out of your promotions?  Let’s take a look at it and see if this might fit into your plans.

First, Set Up Your Profile

These details are important – your business launch on Instagram depends on how you set up your profile.  Remember to focus on your business, so for the photo for your profile, use your company logo so your brand becomes recognizable.  Make the account name and your username the same as your business name. When you are typing in your username, remember not to use any spaces. As for the website on your profile?  Make that a link to your business website or to a promotion that you are offering. Once you have your profile set up, then you can get started with your campaign.

Next, Focus on Your Customers

You could easily get overwhelmed by the numbers of it all:  millions of people could be your next customers. Is that realistic?  No. You want to capture your segment of the market – those who are interested in your product or service.  Find some of your best customers and highlight them (with their permission, of course). Ask for testimonials or pictures or even videos.  Click on posts and “like” them. Use hashtags to find relevant followers and businesses. Hashtags? Use the #-sign and then a word to follow.  For instance, if you have a local airport, you might use #airport or #airplanes or #maps to find segments of the Instagram population that would be interested in what you are offering.  All you need is a faithful following, so keep the numbers small and cozy. Too many would be too much, and you would lose your niche market.

Then, Focus on You

Hours can be spent answering comments and questions, surveying the online aisles of Instagram, peeking in here, looking over there.  Be mindful of your time. Budget yourself to an hour each day at the most. Be sure that your site is dynamic so that return customers see something new.  You might want to make it easier on yourself. Instead of crafting your own promotions, look into Instagram Ads.  It might be money well-spent if online experts use what they know to have your ads pop up for those in your target market.

Be sure to focus on your business and the purpose of your Instagram campaign.  What is your goal? Are you just giving this social selling a try? Are you trying to promote your brand and get the word out?  Do you have some specific photographs about your product or service that you want others to see? Make sure that once your goal is set, everything you post on your site is linked with that.

You can certainly get the word out.  Tell stories about your business and emphasize those with quotations and pictures of your customers.  Show off your products – let others know what they are and what they can do for them. Get in touch with others in the industry and respond to their site, making Instagram friends out there with people who might mention your business in their comments.  It all works together and by trying to use this marketing tool, you will be joining others who work it.

There’s more to be learned about using Instagram and other social media venues to get the word out about your business. Want to know more?  Get started with Online Sales Pro today and check out our marketing guide, Free Traffic Foundations,to launch your business online.

Ready for 2019?

Soon we’ll need new calendars!  2018 will be behind us with 2019 in front of us.  What are your plans? Are you ready? The first of the year is traditionally a time for renewal and resolution.  Just in case your list is blank at this moment, let’s take a look at several easy changes we can make in the new year.

Take a Daily Walk

Too often we stay inside.  We miss all that is going on outside – like hearing that bright red cardinal tweeting on the bare branch or seeing the cloud above that is shaped like a heart or smelling the sweet scent of leaves being burned.  By taking a brisk walk sometime during our day, we rejuvenate our senses and give a quick vacation for our minds. Once we get back to our usual routine, we’ll feel recharged and ready for the next task.

Eat Healthier

Instead of reaching for a calorie-laden snack, why not get to know a delicious Honey Crisp apple or a handful of tasty mixed nuts?  Our bodies react to what we eat with most junk fried or sugary food wreaking havoc inside us. Once we get into the habit of saying no to certain foods, the ones that are healthier choices taste so much better.  Be aware of what you eat and try to make better choices. The payoff is better health and feeling good.

Be More Mindful

Screens – TVs, games, or computers – can cause us to screen out what is around us.  Step away from the screen by taking breaks and become aware of what is going on around you.  Note what others are saying and doing and notice how people are reacting to you. Listen more closely, smile more often, and live in the present in this dimension rather than somewhere else on the screen. Your relationships will improve with time, and you’ll have many more genuine moments.

Worry Less

Instead of looking forward to the future, we tend to worry about the past, taking away from the present.  Avoid that by making a daily list of what you’d like to do – and as the familiar maxim teaches, if you can’t change it, accept it – and work toward changing the things you can.  Plan your days in detail with a focus on your priorities, and there will be less of a chance that things will go awry. Most things we worry about never do happen, so why even bother with this futile approach to life?

Celebrate Successes

Too often we just barrel through life without stopping to notice what we’ve accomplished, or worse yet, we grumble and complain inside our minds about what we’ve done wrong.  Make the small victories matter more! The task does not need to be huge for a small celebration. You balanced your checkbook? Do a 20-second jig! You crossed off an item on your to-do list?  Let out a whoop! Think about the difference you make to others and celebrate yourself. Pat yourself on the back when you’ve done something right.

Those are some ways you can make 2019 your best year yet.  Vow to make things better – for yourself and for your business.  If you aren’t boosting your business with Online Sales Pro, add that to your New Year’s list, too, and click on this link – Online Sales Pro – to come on board and grow your business.  Join us for 2019 and see how our new year will look.  As for us? Just know that here at Online Sales Pro, we are all wishing you the best of everything in the new year!

Getting Started with Advertising

First things first.  Before you launch a paid online advertising campaign, you need to balance your bike and design a landing page.  The best kind will convert potential customers into solid clients by encouraging them to purchase your product or service and then to become loyal, long-term clients.  Let’s take a look at how to do that by taking full advantage of Kissmetrics’ C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S. formula.

C for Clear Call to Action (CTA)

You need to be clear about what you would like visitors to your website to do and that should be the focus of your landing page.  What will encourage them to click on the button to learn more? The product or service must be something they need and also something they want.  Generally your visitors will be searching for something when cruising around on the Internet. Be clear about what you offer so that they can make the decision quickly about whether they want to learn more or they want to look elsewhere.

O for Offer

Customers are always looking for a way to save money, how to get more for less – so your landing page should offer them a special coupon or trial or free estimate or book.  That way, they can sample what you offer and see if they are interested in more. All they need to get one of these is by clicking on a link on the landing page that will take them to a form to complete, providing their contact information and more.  Not that we are talking about fishing here, but to run a successful marketing campaign, you often have to lure your potential customers to become paying customers.

N for Narrow Focus

When too much information is provided on a landing page, too many choices, customers have too many choices to make – causing them to slow the flow.  They may even be inclined to say, “No” without even looking for more. You don’t want them spending too much time trying to make a decision about which and what and why.  When you focus on one campaign on your landing page, you are making the decision much easier for your visitors – it’ll either be yes or no. That’s why it is important to keep it simple.

V for Very Important Attributes

Your potential customers don’t know your products as well as you do.  Why would anyone want to buy your brand or use your service over any other one out there?  What are the attributes about your product or service that are exemplary? Focus on those. Let the folks who see your landing page know what it is you are selling and why it has great value for them.  Put yourself in their shoes to figure out which features you should emphasize.

E for Effective Headline

The headline on your landing page should not keep them guessing.  People are more impatient now than they used to be because we all have that impending sense that we are running out of time.  We must hurry-scurry-and-worry about this and that. By hooking the customer with an intriguing headline, one that tells them about the how and why of your product, that will extend their stay on your website.  With an effective headline, you get them to read more – and that’s what you want.

R for Resolution-Savvy Layout

Not all devices have the same screen dimensions.  Because of that, make sure that the essential information is at the center top of the screen.  That is the text or graphic that will catch their eye and cause them to linger. People are using smartphones and tablets more than ever to cruise around the Internet.  Because of that, be mindful that your landing page will be available in several formats – not just in the one where you created the landing page.

T for Tidy Visuals

The landing page should not be a quilt of numerous photographs and other visuals.  Use a simple, applicable one that your potential customers will learn to associate with your product or service.  The best strategy for placement is to have the visual to the right of the headline. Use an eye-catching graphic of a high quality and universal appeal.

S for Social Proof

Customers want to know what others think.  How have others reacted to your product or service?  Invite some of your loyal clients to write reviews that you can feature on your website. Indicate on your website how many people use your product or service once the number is impressive.  Encourage clients to provide reviews by clicking on a link on your site. Customers are often influenced by other customers – and they depend on them to convince them to purchase, perhaps even more than the product or service sells itself.  People talk, and potential customers listen.

By using the Kissmetrics’ C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S. formula, your landing page will have a much better success rate converting visitors to your landing page to linger longer and to become your customers.  Let us help you create landing pages that convert. Join us at Online Sales Pro and see what we have that will help you grow your business.  We’re here to help you with the marketing of your business and convert visitors to your website into paying customers.

Is a Home Business Right For You?

Every morning as people wake up and make the commute to work,
many dream of the day when they will finally work for
themselves. Every time the boss lets someone know that they must
give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people
contemplate the benefits of being the owner of their own

Are you one of these people?

If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very important
questions before you make the uncertain leap into

Many dream of the benefits of home business ownership, but few
take into account the sacrifices that must be made to bring the
dream to fruition. Please don’t make this mistake yourself.

You must approach home business ownership with your eyes wide
open. Ask yourself the important questions, and more
importantly, answer your own questions openly and honestly.


Are you the type of person who relishes every chance to gather
around the water cooler for social interaction?

If so, then home business ownership may not be the right
decision for you.

Instead, if you feel that you can be quite content sitting alone
at your desk; speaking only to clients and really minding your
own home business, then you might have what it takes to succeed
as a home business entrepreneur.

If you feel at ease with your own company and don’t need a dozen
coworkers milling around your desk, then you, too, could savor
the freedoms that will allow you and your family, to live the
lifestyle you know you want and deserve.


Self-motivation is the key to success when you start a
home-based business. You need to possess the ability to push
yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be reinforced
with every new sale.

The level of success that you will achieve greatly depends on
the time and effort you are willing to plow into your new home
business. Your organization, planning and marketing skills, will
all be put into practice when you embark on your liberating
journey from employee, to being your own boss. In fact, you will
be the wearer of many hats and gain a wealth of business
experience along the way, when you finally make that commitment
to work at home.


You will now be the boss. Are you truly able to work
independently? Do you have the drive; the tenacity, to persevere
with your home based business? Will you be able to invest the
necessary time to nurture it, to watch it grow and see it
through, from germination to full, glorious bloom? When you’re
the boss, you are responsible for the success of your home
business, from A to Z, from disappointments to victory.

When you work at home, it will empower you to achieve many
things you were unable to do when you were stuck working for
that tyrant boss. Remember him? He’s the guy that wouldn’t let
you take time off when your baby was sick…the same guy that
called you in to work on Thanksgiving Day.

A home business means that you can take good care of your family
and make money from home, simultaneously. You will have the best
of both worlds! Just think–no more dirty laundry piling up–you
can do it while you work. No more scurrying around at the last
minute searching for a babysitter either. And no more worrying
about getting fired; you’ll be the boss!


Stay positive and focused on your home based business, even if,
when sales aren’t up to par, you get occasional negative remarks
or derogatory comments from people with stuffy, dead-end jobs.
Ignore their cutting words and bear in mind that success is the
best revenge! Keep your admirable, positive attitude at the
forefront and show them what you’re made of!


Finding Your Home Business Niche.

When some folks begin to think about a business of their own,
they know in that very moment what kind they are going to start.
Then, there are the rest of us…

Knowing that we want to have a business of our own is not
enough. Many of us have struggled with the important question of
what type of enterprise we would like to start.

Franchises offer a simple pre-packaged money making idea, but
the cost of a franchise often makes it a prohibitive option to
most folks who contemplate going out on their own.

For those who do not have a million dollars to buy a McDonalds
franchise, we must look to other ideas for our own business.

There are literally hundreds of lucrative home business ideas
for you to choose from, which will suit every type of
personality and all levels of financing. From selling
information on the Internet as a infopreneur, to growing
delicious gourmet mushrooms for sale to restaurants and catering
companies; there is a pile of money to be made by filling a
need, for these and a host of other necessary services.

Of course, actually liking what you do, will have a lot to do
with the success of your new venture, so be sure to pick a home
business that you’ll enjoy running and that will keep you

For example, if you’re a math whiz, an accounting or income tax
service might be the ideal home business for you to start.
Perhaps writing is your forte and you’d like to start your own
home based copywriting service or advertising agency. Each of
these businesses can be run successfully–and profitably from
the comfort of your own home.

Academia might not be your cup of tea, but maybe you are good
with your hands — having a creative genius where crafts are
concerned. Craft items are red-hot sellers at swap meets,
country fairs and world wide over the Internet, and they can
provide you with solid profits. If crafts don’t interest you,
then why not start a laundry service with pick-up and delivery,
or a shopping service for shut-in’s–even a companion service or
granny sitter or a doctor shuttle service; any of which, could
be much in demand, in and around your neighborhood or community.

When brainstorming new ideas for your future home business, keep
in mind the soul of any successful endeavor is providing a
product or service that others will actually purchase in
quantities. Satisfy the needs of your target market, and your
target market will keep you and your home based business
healthy, happy and profitable.

Below are some suggestions for home business ideas that might
help you decide on a suitable venture in which to invest.

Multi-level-marketing (mlm), floral/plant service for offices
and hospitals, pooper-scooper service, dog walking service,
answering service, vending machine service, gift basket service,
homemade soap maker, mobile windshield repair service, mobile
tire repair service, income tax specialist, researcher,
freelance writer, business card and letterhead designer,
courier, shut-in/shuttle service, landscaping service, tree
trimming service, wood crafter, carpenter, crafts and crafting
supplies, pool cleaning service, plants/nursery starts, growing
herbs, growing mushrooms, garage sale and swap meet vendor,
proofreader, private investigator, typing service, interior
decorator/designer, website design, wedding consultant, hot
lunch/snack vendor at local courthouses, pet sitting service,
pet grooming service, Internet entrepreneur, paralegal, gourmet
catering service, new media production, mobile cosmetic
technician, mobile nail technician, mobile hair stylist,
aerobics instructor, personal fitness trainer, advertising
consultant, companion service, small printing service.

Ideas, ideas; hopefully the above ideas will give you some fresh
ideas of your own to mull over. A spring board if you will, on
which to dive into your own chosen home business.

When you work from home, any business you start has the
potential to explode into a perpetual gold mine! It just depends
on how much your home business is in demand around your
community or on the Internet. Your home business might start
slow and steady, regularly picking up clients as you become more
established. On the other hand, your chosen home business may
take off like wildfire, quickly becoming too hot for you to
handle by yourself (well done!). This is the time to enlist the
help of willing family members to help you out in your time of
need, which will make your business into a friendly, family
concern. This will also help family members better understand
your business and get a grasp on the mechanics of profit.

Good luck in all your decisions and have fun with your home
business, which ever one you choose, and don’t forget to enjoy
your newfound freedom!