Happy Customers

We all want happy customers.  By keeping them happy, they’ll spread the word, and soon we’ll have more happy customers.  How can we manage to build up a clientele that keeps coming back? Let’s look at some strategies to generate positive customer reviews.

Give Them a REASON to Review

First of all, you must provide a product or service that is the best you can offer.  Customers who need what you have to offer will notice the quality of it and be pleased with any customer support they may need.  Provide a 100% guarantee – no matter what. Talk to them when they have complaints and provide answers – or make changes. Business is an interactive process, so learn as much from your customers as you possibly can.  Also, remember that many customers try out a business based on comments by their friends and colleagues. A word-of-mouth campaign is one of the most convincing ones that can be launched. People seek out the experiences others have had with your business, so make sure that they have something to crow about.

Give Them a PLACE to Review

Customers can use various ways to “pen” their impressions of your business by posting Google or Yelp Reviews and others – but make sure that there is a place for customers to leave questions and comments on your website, too.  You’ll be able to use those reviews. Let others know what happy customers are saying – and why. Also, if you see customers face-to-face, ask them open-ended questions, encouraging frank responses. Create incentives.  Provide discounts on the future purchase of products or services for those who complete a survey about your business.

Give Them a RESPONSE to a Review

If a customer posts a negative review, respond to the post or, if you can, get in touch with them. Thank them for their feedback and let them know what will come of it.  Too often it’s the unhappy customers that yammer and complain, and the happy ones just smile and say thank you. Ask the happy ones for feedback and then respond to that, reinforcing the review of your business.  Your customers will respect you for the interactions and your responses.  The relationships you have with your clients will become stronger. Perhaps you will find out what they like best.  Maybe you hadn’t realized before what the most important element of your product or service is to them.  You may find ways that you can make your business run even more smoothly with their feedback and develop new products or services.

Potential customers often make purchasing decisions after reading reviews on the Internet.  When happy customers post positive comments about your business that can bring in new customers.  Just think – these reviews are effective and you didn’t pay anything at all for that kind of marketing and promotion!  Aim to keep your current customers pleased with your product or service and just watch while more customers join them.

Should you need some help drumming up business by yourself, we can help you by creating a marketing campaign focused on your product or service.  Contact us here at Online Sales Pro. Automated marketing messages will be set up and sent to those interested in your business – and we can do that all for you for less than $100.  When you visit our website, click on OSP Express for that customized service we offer to our happy customers.

1440 Minutes

We all have 1440 minutes in each day.  We tend to waste quite a few of those minutes by running from here to there helter-skelter – racing through the day’s tasks and often having to do them over again – and having unfocused time that we can never recapture.  Worse yet, we have trouble finding the time to make changes to make better use of those many minutes our days gift us. Do you have a few minutes to make some teeny tiny changes that will truly make a difference! Nod your head YES so we can look into this.

Focus on a Change

Is there a change you would like to make in your life that could definitely make a difference?  BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist at Stanford University, indicates that there are only three options that will make a long-term change in our behavior:  have an epiphany – make a change in our surroundings – or take tiny steps. The last option sounds much easier than the first two, so let’s continue with that one.  The Fogg Method focuses on three steps to take to change your behavior.

Step 1:  Get Specific

Instead of focusing on the habit or weakness that you have, focus on what behavior you would like to start.  What would you like to do instead? For instance, let’s say you would like to manage your time better. Think of yourself as someone who not only shows up on time, but maybe one who even gets there a little early.

Step 2:  Make It Easy

What can you do to make a change in your behavior so that it seems easy?  We tend to like easy fixes – something more challenging doesn’t interest us for long.  Think of a change you could make that would be simple but help you reach that outcome. We all do better with an easy change – something that helps us make the change, but not anything that is too oppressive, too stifling, too challenging.  How could we make that awareness of time a simple step?

Step 3:  Trigger the Behavior

Now consider what actions or reactions will encourage this new behavior.  It sounds as though someone who is often late probably has always been so.  Because of that, a trigger must be created to prompt this new behavior. How could we make that awareness of time a simple step?  Perhaps we notice the time and we think we can do just one more thing before the clock strikes twelve. If that is the case – here’s a solution, plain and simple:  change all of the clocks and watches in your house and in your office. Set them 15 minutes ahead! When you see the time, you’ll hustle, but you’ll be on time! If your brain won’t fall for such trickery, another change you could make is to set a timer to beckon you, letting you know that you have only 10 minutes more.  These are simple steps to help you change the behavior.

Perhaps you would also like to spend less time scurrying around trying to make connections and possible sales.  We have a simple step you can take to manage your business time better: Join us here at Online Sales Pro. With a few simple steps, you can set up automated messages with your sales page that will be mailed out every couple of days to potential customers.  Sit back, enjoy your time, and let automation do your work.

7 Reasons Content Marketing is Not Dead

Internet marketers delight in announcing that various methods of marketing are dead. Content marketing is one method of online marketing for small business that is definitely not dead and gone. In fact, it’s alive and well and something every business needs to be engaged in.

With that in mind, let’s look at the main reasons you should be using this method of marketing for your small business.

  1. Original Content Gets Results

The main issue with the blog posts and videos out there is that they are being broadcast on repeat. When one type of article goes viral, everyone writes similar articles…but what people are really looking for is brand new information. If you can provide that, you’ll see results. It’s estimated that roughly 5% of marketing content gets 90% of responses, so make sure yours is in that 5%.

  1. It’s Affordable

When it comes to online marketing for small businesses, affordability is key. It costs very little to write a blog post or article, or even to put together a simple video or infographic. Even if you hire the content creation out, you’ll still pay far less than traditional marketing methods.

  1. It’s Relevant

When you want to know how to do something or which product to buy, what do you do? Chances are, you check online. Reading a review or watching a video can give you valuable and instant information on whatever you need to know. That’s why content will never go away…it is an essential part of life at this point, and everyone uses it.

  1. Content Can Be Outsourced

Not sure you can come up with all that content on your own? It’s not a problem. There are countless experts available to create your blog posts, articles, videos, and even images for you. It can be quite beneficial to outsource this, since you can hire those who are experts in your particular niche, making it simple for them to turn out amazing content that will entice readers.

  1. People Share Content

What do you see being shared constantly on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest? Content. Whether it is in the form of a video, article, or infographic, the content is what connects with people enough to get them sharing. If you want to build up your brand and create a stronger following, you need more content.

  1. Content Evolves Over Time

At one point, most content was simply written text. That was useful, but then we expanded into images. Today, even though video is a viral form of content, images and text never actually went away. As people change their method of content consumption, content producers can change the way they present the same material. This ensures that it is always available in an easy-to-digest format that will appeal to anyone searching for information. You may have even noticed that there are a number of sites that offer both text and video versions of their sales pitches now, so that consumers can choose their favorite method of learning.

  1. Knowledge Will Never Die

There will always be a need for great content. Even if it’s been done before, you can offer an updated version of the information or add your own twist. The fact is, people seek out relevant, useful information when they’re in need of knowledge, and if you have it, then you are more likely to make a sale. This means there will never be a time when content is not needed. Content marketing is the way to go, because it will continue to be useful long after it is written or created.

Content marketing is most certainly not dead, and it likely never will be. There’s always an audience for those looking to learn something new or to find a specific product. As long as you are providing that content, you will continue to attract new eyes.  Want to learn more?  Get started with Online Sales Pro today and check out our marketing guide, Free Traffic Foundations, to learn more about getting traffic for your marketing efforts.

Internet Marketing is Like Sports?

There is a saying that goes like this: ‘practice makes perfect’ Athletes build their strength and skill by practicing. They reach plateaus and if they keep their momentum going consistently, they continue to move forward in their skill. It is the same with marketing as you are building and sustaining momentum by constantly taking action to promote your home business.

Artists also keep practicing and learning techniques. In the military they continually test their endurance and develop their skills using weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Marketing is very much the same in that the more we practice by taking action, the better we will get at doing what we must do.

In building momentum another way this is important is that most people will not respond. This is your challenge. Don’t become discouraged or give up. You have to increase your efforts and have enough volume that those people won’t matter. Eventually you will learn to focus only on the ones that do take action and respond. They are the ones that will help you build your business over time. In any case you just need to keep pushing forward no matter what it seems like.

It is easy to lose your way when you elaborate on that you may not see any positive results in the beginning (because you haven’t got the momentum yet). This is normal. However, normal is not always right – in fact often it isn’t right at all. Catching a cold is normal, but it’s not good for anything, and we just want to get rid of it because it is annoying.

Sometimes we must take special steps to ensure that we don’t allow ourselves to get discouraged and stop trying. We may have to talk to ourselves continually to guard against negative thoughts and feelings. If you don’t stop them they will become an attitude. If you make a conscious effort to combat them they will stop eventually. Replace them with something which is positive and focus only on that until you are feeling better.

You can visualize the beauty that is always here even when you are personally not feeling well. There is nature – the sky, the water, fresh air, the trees and flowers. There is much good for everyone to share. Think about how lovely it is. Think about people who make you feel good, or your family that love you. You can take a minute or two to remember things you have accomplished that made you a winner. Like starting an online home business!

Remain focused on your target goals. In this case it is to create a profitable business via Internet marketing. Realize that you may have to ‘wash, rinse, and repeat’ over and over and over again before you will start to see any results. Understand that is just how it is. It’s how it usually works and you shouldn’t get in a rush or feel that you are failing. It should make you try even harder.

Your Vision for Your Online Business

Visualization of your goals can’t stop in your imagination. For goals to become reality you need to make a concerted action now and into the future. That meansw-o-r-k to make it happen. There is no such thing as wealth without work. Day dreaming can be fun, but it can be counter-productive.

When we are not being logical or realistic or we have not really defined achievable goals, we can quickly become disenchanted when nothing works out as we thought it would. It is good to ‘aim high’ and ‘dream big’, but if we set unrealistic goals that may not be possible to achieve at this juncture, this can become discouraging.

This is sadly ironic if the person actually believed he could earn money instantly, without first building and developing a plan and then working it. Nothing will ever happen by magic or because we have a vision. It won’t happen unless we tune in to reality and do the work.

If you have never started a business before, there may be lots of false starts. Until we get real and create a plan with reasonable expectations, we are just wasting time and resources – ‘spinning our wheels’, never more than a wannabe. We need to make a commitment just as we would when we start a new job. I will show up and I will work to accomplish goals.

The key to success is to persevere. There will not be even a slim chance of accomplishing our goals if we give up and quit too soon. However, if we can just keep trying, even without seeing any tangible results, there is still a chance things will improve. You never know what is right around the corner so don’t miss it because you quit too soon. If we quit too soon without giving ourselves and the program a fair chance, we will never know what we might have achieved.

With all that said, everybody is not necessarily going to relate to this environment. We need to seriously admit that we do not like working online and do not want to do this — and then move on. There is no shame in this. Not everybody can ride a horse – or even wants to. What we all have in common either way is we need more money. We may as well find a way to earn an income that we enjoy and feel that we can succeed with.

Although it is important to take action while we feel inspired, it is super important to be logical about what we need to do and what we can realistically expect to achieve. If we can build on that, we will have the foundation for a profitable home business.

Where to Begin If You Are Thinking of Starting a Business Online.

To begin with, you need a real plan — a plan that would organize resources that you have to invest, as far as money, time and skills. Even if you have very few resources you can still start a business on the Internet. If you are determined, there are ways to make up for anything you feel you need but do not feel strong about.

If you have no money to work with then start to save a few dollars whenever you get money. You will be surprised that even a little bit of ‘spare change’ will add up if you don’t spend it. It is also a good thing when planning to take stock of what you spend your money on. If you are really committed to having your own business at home, you can make some small sacrifices as far as things in your life that are not essentials, for example – entertainment, trips, and luxuries.

You can be direct and for example when you would normally pay for tickets to an event, take that amount and put it away in a savings account for your business operating expenses. You can also help yourself to motivate your saving, figure how much gas you saved and the bridge tolls, etc. and put that away in savings too.

Time is a major concern especially if you have no money. You will need to spend more time researching and working in performing tasks for yourself. You can always learn how to do things if you feel you don’t have strong enough skills when you come to the table.

Rest assured though that you have access to major important, free resources, rich or poor. Search engines like Google.com are where almost anything you ask under the sun will be answered within minutes. It may take some time to go through all the results you get though, to decide on the best.

There are free courses online at organizations like W3schools.com. This is technical and provides just enough information that you can learn how to maintain and even build websites. There are also community colleges online where you can take excellent courses for just a few dollars and you can do it whenever you have free time.

Determination and sacrifice are key ‘skills’ that you need. After working all day, commuting, and family responsibilities, devoting yourself to starting a business may take your last ounce of strength! Many do it and it is very gratifying for them to know they have taken control of their own lives.


Safety in Numbers – Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is something that needs to be done aggressively and consistently over time to build and sustain momentum. Marketers can never rest on their laurels because they will quickly fall behind and go to the bottom of the pile. That’s marketing anything not just business opportunities or products online

There are many failures because people believe they can do something once or twice and that they are going to make a profit as a result. If they don’t see anything right away, they quit trying because they think it is pointless. It’s really sad that some people do not think things through. Other than a phony magic show where do they get the idea things just pop out of hats?

There is a list of reasons why people don’t try hard enough and most are avoidable. The reason that you always need to keep the volume of your promotions turned way up, is that marketing is a bit like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’. The majority of people around the globe are not interested in starting an online business or for that matter buying anything. It is just as likely there are those who are, and you just need to find them.

The statistic that is used for many marketing businesses is a 1-2% response rate being considered pretty good for example for eMail marketing. Note that ‘response’ can be just an inquiry and does not necessarily represent a sales transaction, so the percentage would be even smaller for actual sales.

Spammers have caused a huge problem for eMail services that are forced to use spam filters. Unfortunately the spam filters are frequently blocking legal bulk mail from businesses (and the spam is still in your inbox). The filters apparently often can’t differentiate between the two. They are amazingly unsophisticated for this day and age. Sadly your message may go to spam and never be seen.

Ethical online businesses would likely only use permission-based eMail . This means that you have to request a business to send their publication to you by ‘opting in’. Often blocked by spam filters but maybe not. eMail is invaluable to Internet marketers, regardless of the problems. You just need to allow that there is nothing we can do except accept that we are starting at a deficit thanks to evil spammers.

Don’t feel sorry for them – remember they are really not trying to do business with you. They are about disrupting business by creating chaos. Many people being inundated with spam after a while will realize it is futile to try to keep up with it and will stop opening most of their mail. Hopefully they will recognize your return address and since they signed up to receive mail from you, they will read it.

Hence, whatever you do in this regard, whether it is using list builder systems, sending solo ads, or buying leads, you should realize that you will need many on an ongoing basis to make up for those that will be lost. Remember not to get discouraged or blame the program or product you are advertising if you don’t get a response right away. Keep trying.