How to Write an Article for Your Home Business Blog

Believe it or not even if you don’t think you have any writing skills – can you hold a conversation? Yes you mostly can. Writing is just like having a one-way conversation. Nobody there to answer but you can. It is pretty sure you can write an email as well. So you take these avenues and consider that YOU CAN write.

Just think of any issue you may have had, positive or negative with your business. Use that as an idea to start and then just keep the conversation going. What happened? Did it work well? What didn’t work about it? What did you learn from it? You may want to provide the solution you found either way.

Another excellent thing to remember is ‘writer’s block’ is usually idea block – you just need to find an idea and write something. You will keep flowing the longer you add information. Although whatever is on your mind and in your daily life is probably a great place to find ideas to write about, using keywords is also automatically going to get you started.

Keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to your niche or business industry. In the case of “Home Business” for example you can create “long-tail keywords” like ‘home business online” or ‘home business ideas” – also in this family are ‘working at home’, ‘making money at home’ and many more.

You should create a swipe file so you can just open it up each day and pick a topic to write about. Use the keyword or keyword phrase in your subject or topic and use it a few times in your content. Do not use it more than a few times in each article, as it will have the opposite effect you are hoping for.

Use it only within the natural flow of your content. If the search engines consider you to be a ‘keyword spammer’ they will not index your site as they would if you had content with value.

Here is an example of keyword spam: ‘My home business is a home business that will succeed. I work my home business every day, If you want your home business to work out you need to work your home business every day’, Horrible right?

This same information provided by someone who is not a spammer: ‘My home businessis an online business that will succeed. I try to make sure at the very least every day that all my links are working properly’. Not so bad. Keyword used in title and one time in content. You can also consider ‘online business’ to be a keyword phrase that may rank from this article.

Is Facebook Still a Valid Marketing Platform?

The past year has seen some major changes in how Facebook works. Organic reach has plummeted, giving way to paid ads and boosted posts, which has caused many marketers to take off and look for greener grass. Is Facebook still a valid marketing platform, though? Can you actually make it work without spending a small fortune on lead generation?

The short answer is yes, but it does take a bit more work than it did before.

The longer answer is that Facebook has changed quite a bit, but it still has 1.45 billion active users that log in every single day. If you completely discount the site, you’re missing out on a lot of curious eyes. It’s definitely still worth marketing on the platform, but how you do that has certainly changed.

Lead Generation via Facebook Marketing in 2018

Online marketing has changed drastically over the years, and it’s reasonable to expect it to continue in the same vein. That means marketers have to be adaptable and readjust their methods from time to time so they can ensure they get the best ROI possible.

While Facebook is focused on getting you to pay more for visibility, there are some things you can do to increase reach without paying large amounts of money. Let’s take a look:

  • Stay active on Facebook. As a social network, Facebook basically requires you to stay active on your pages and groups. Don’t abandon everything for a few days or weeks if you can’t think of what to post. Even adding a meme or a quick status update will help keep you in people’s newsfeeds.
  • Ask people to share your posts. The simplest way to expand reach is to just ask those who see your post to share it on Facebook if they like it. This lets Facebook know that your content is popular and it will be shown more often to your fans.
  • Use FB Live. Video is an area that the company is really focusing on, thanks to the popularity of video. In fact, videos hosted on Facebook are more likely to be shown to your audience than videos from another platform like YouTube. When you do a live, it ensures that the video is exactly where the social platform wants it.
  • Use fan-generated content. Let people know that you’d love to share their stories, images, and videos of your product in use and then make sure you publish those on your page. Not only does this offer social proof, it’s also a time-saver when it comes to generating content, since your fans are doing it for you.
  • Interact frequently with your fans. When fans see a company responding to questions and paying attention to the people on its page, they tend to be more loyal. It doesn’t even require a lot of time to keep up with the comments.  A little acknowledgement can go quite far.

Should You Invest in Facebook Ads?

Boosting posts is a regular thing on the social network now, but that doesn’t make it too popular. In most cases, boosted posts aren’t going to be seen by anyone new, so it may make more sense to focus on FB ads instead.

Since you can set your ad spend, as well as target a very specific audience, Facebook ads can be a good investment. Consider learning how to target properly and to create your ads before starting, to increase your ROI.

Facebook marketing is certainly not dead. It is, however, very different from even a year ago. If you plan to use the social media platform as a lead generation tool, make sure you are doing everything possible to get your posts noticed.



The Importance of Blogging for an Online Home Business

If you have a blog associated with your home business you should be using it frequently – daily if possible or close as you can get. If you do not have a blog associated with your business, get one today.

It is a powerful, FREE way to get free traffic that may become sales or leads (your list). If you can’t even do this much to promote your business, with all due respect, you may not be serious or committed enough to ever succeed with your online business.

Maybe this is the issue and the juncture where you should make a decision. You want a business, or not really that much. Hopefully it won’t be the case here, but maybe you should just quit while you are ahead if it doesn’t mean enough even to do something for free to promote your business.’ It will still require time and effort to compose blogs unless you can pay a ‘ghostwriter’ or have some other blog service.

This should be pretty telling to ask yourself if you really want a business or would you rather go out to lunch? On the one hand you are building and developing something that will pay you back someday if you play your cards right and invest your time and effort for an extended period. On the other hand, if you can afford to go out to lunch then you can afford to get your business running but only if you really want to.

You can set up a blog at absolutely free. It is just basic but it will work to get traffic to your website. (Use your domain name URL to your website or affiliate link as part of your signature on each article). The search engines will help you to build back-links to and from the blog or website.

Or if you don’t mind spending a few dollars to buy a domain and hosting you can also set up a free WordPress account and have a blog there. With WordPress you can actually create a top-level website on your domain and then add WordPress (*blog) using a simple utility in your hosting account cPanel.

The cost for both domain and hosting is minimal – the cost of doing lunch out – once a year for the domain name registration and once a month for the hosting cost.

Even though it seems like the majority of people trying to start a home business cry broke, almost everybody has a few dollars they can spare themselves to build some kind of an operating budget if they have the right priorities. You will be the only one that will regret it if you make the wrong choices.