Building a New Business – Don’t Ever Lose Your Faith

It is important that you have faith and you keep it in tact no matter what happens. Having faith, like praying or wishing for something, does not guarantee anything. You may or may not receive what you need and want. Yet it shouldn’t have any effect on your level of faith. If you keep it in general, just having a positive mindset about everything, then you can’t lose

It is a lot like the opposite meaning of the expression that ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’. Think about it. As long as you are still trying, nobody can say you quit. You don’t need to feel that you failed. Remember we are all individuals and different. We each learn in our own way and take as much time as we need.

The harder you try the more momentum you have, because while you are trying you are actually learning and practicing and someday you will actually achieve your goal.

So in many ways having faith is essential no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Think of having none. How could you carry on without faith? If you had no faith you would just throw up your hands and say “I can’t”. However, since there is no ‘can’t’, what you must mean is you ‘won’t’. You will find someday that you can never give up as long as you have faith.

Being alive, you will likely think of lots of ideas as time goes by, and when the time and place are just right, maybe that will be the right time for you. The point is to keep an open mind and to believe that at any time you could come up with something that is notable!

HomeBiz Issues: Why Not Get Up an Hour Earlier?

You would be surprised to learn as groggy as it may feel, that you are your most creative when you first wake up. Maybe it is just because of maximum velocity; or maybe stressful situations have not arisen yet so you are better able to focus on what needs to be done.

Whatever you use that extra hour for – to accomplish anything you know you need to do today – get it over with. Getting up earlier will also cause you to be tired earlier and you may start to fall asleep sooner. Many people have trouble sleeping and the sooner you start to try to fall asleep the better. It doesn’t take that much effort when you are really tired.

Sometimes you need to actually train yourself to fall asleep – you can practice with naps which are really good for you, especially if you do not sleep well during the night. If you can’t fall asleep keep your eyes shut, stretch out in a comfortable position and keep trying. On the other hand if you can’t fall asleep in an hour then get up and do somethingaway from your bedroom so that your mind does not associate not being able to sleep with that area. Then go back and try again.

If you don’t have something you think you need to do in that extra hour that is business related then how about using it for some exercise? This will energize your day for sure if you start out with something healthy. Although the gym or gadgets will do, frankly something that involves fresh air is best if possible. It can change from day-to-day as long as you use the hour for something productive.

Particularly if you have a very busy schedule with a day job, a family, a home based business etc., any extra time you can squeeze in will not only make you more creative and productive, but will eventually make you feel a sense of peace and well-being because you are no longer rushing or feel like your life is just too tedious.

How to Make Your Landing Pages Irresistible

Technically, a landing page is any page on your website that people can land on, but when we’re discussing lead generation, it usually refers to a very specific page. Your landing page has one goal that is aimed at a very specific audience. Unfortunately, most people have difficulty writing copy that will actually convert their visitors. In its most basic form, your landing page will be made up of a strong headline, the sales copy, and a bold call to action. It’s simple if you break it down. The following method will help you create a page that actually works.

Choose Your Purpose

The first step in creating a page that will convert is to decide on the page’s purpose. It should have only one specific purpose. For example, you may focus on getting visitors to sign up for something, to buy something, or to take action on something. Don’t muddy the waters with multiple actions–just focus on one.

Write an Amazing Headline

The headline is the first thing people will see when they land on your page, so it needs to be strong enough to pull them in. Keep it short and sweet (5-7 words is ideal), and use impactful wording. Ideally, the headline should convey a benefit to your readers. What are you offering, and how can it help them?

Questions make excellent headlines, as well. If you do choose to ask a question, make sure the reader can’t just respond with yes or no and move on. It should be a question that sparks curiosity and gets them to read the main body text.

Create Your Body

Every irresistible sales page has a strong hook to start off with. It needs to reach out and grab the readers. Make sure they know exactly what to expect in the rest of the content. Often, starting with the end of a story, such as the success someone has enjoyed with your product or service, is a good way to grab someone. Asking questions will also help them move down the page.

The rest of the content doesn’t have to be lengthy or wordy. You just need enough to convince your readers to take action. If it’s something easy like signing up for a free trial or joining your email list so they can get a free book.  Remember: shorter is better. The bigger the price tag, though, the more writing is acceptable.

Keep the body text to the point. It shouldn’t ramble or include non-relevant information. Everything needs to be focused on that single purpose and the benefits it provides your readers. What are they going to get out of this? How are you going to make their lives better?

You’ll notice that many pages have videos on them, and this can be a terrific way to connect with your audience. You still need to include text, however, since not everyone will watch the video. After all, you don’t want anyone missing out on the information you have to provide.  Even if you just summarize the video in text, it will go a long way to boosting conversions.

Physical Elements of a Great Landing Page

While your copy needs to be amazing and well-written, the visual aspect also affects how well a page converts. The colors should be easy to look at and the design simple, so as not to distract from your message.

Perhaps the most important factor is your Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Don’t be shy about it. Make sure people know exactly what they’re meant to do once they finish reading. This should be the largest element on your page.

Avoid adding any links to your landing page. Once you have someone on that page, you want them to do just one thing: take the chosen action. There should be nothing to distract them or give them a reason to click away.

Images should be included to help break up the text. These can be unique to your offering or you can add more generic stock photos. Even graphs and such can help add visual interest without distracting.

Your landing page is an important part of your website . . . possibly the most important part. Use the landing page templates waiting for you at Online Sales Pro.  Create your landing page, and take the time to write it well, to make sure it works, tweaking it as needed until you’re seeing the conversion rates you want. By doing all of this, your landing page will be irresistible for your future customers!

Your Internet Business Can Be Like a School

People might be very surprised if they found out how much is really available online. For example community colleges have free or very inexpensive courses that can be done completely online. Even various certificates of achievement can be earned in this way.

So at that price you can take something you are curious about or interested in that really hasn’t got much of a chance of helping your career. Just for fun. Along the way you may change your mind and it could possibly turn into something that would be a career.

Naturally it makes the most sense to find something that might even help you get a promotion or to elevate your skill level so you would qualify for a better job – or even to enhance your technical skills so that you may take more control of your home business. For example it would be so helpful if you had more of a handle on basic HTML so that you were not dependent on programmers whenever you want to make a small change to your website.

There are multiple free courses in HTML and other technical languages on the Internet right now. This could also be anything that would help your business like bookkeeping, or using a proprietary software that performs some task that you need to work from home. These courses, while maybe not formal (having certification) can be started the same day they are discovered, a manual printed out for reference and then just go!

It is amazing how the search engines have vast amounts of free information on the fly – a breathing index of facts for everyone who seeks and has access to; and then to realize you can really drill down from there to find really extensive instructions if you want to pursue something to more of an extent. There is nowhere in the world where there are more possibilities to learn than the Internet.

It would be a shame to waste it especially because even the business you are trying to develop can itself teach you so much about business procedures, using software, etc. Even though ‘code’ and etc. may seem complex and ‘above’ your head, it really isn’t. If you look at it you will definitely see patterns that can be recognizable to you in the future and not at all ‘rocket science’ or something unachievable except to geniuses.

Developing a Real Home Business – What is Holding You Back?

You may be a creative type with a million ideas all the time. However they rarely get past the idea stage. It could be ‘information overload’ or too much information that keeps you from selecting one idea and running with it. This may be just as bad as not having any ideas or being logical

One way to get out of that maze may be to make a list of the ideas that come to mind. Don’t get hung up on the list – just do a ‘brainstorming’ type of list where you write down the ideas as they come. This list is likely very unrefined and should have some space after each idea where you can go back and define what you mean.

Then at a later time you can take ones that you have been able to define which would indicate you have given them some thought. Decide from that ‘top’ list which ideas would be most feasible. Break everything down as far as all the issues that would be relevant such as cost, time required, any issues that may delay or prevent going forward. This could include needing further information or instructions on how to move forward.

There may be more negative factors that hold you back from implementing your ideas. They would be more-or-less the opposite of too many ideas and be like not having any motivation to do anything beyond what you are already doing if anything. This can be due to medical or psychological problems such as underlying depression or low self-esteem. It can actually be even be due to a compromised immune system!

Your body and health are anything but irrelevant to your business. They are actually key if you can see yourself as a machine that is running everything. If it is misfiring then you are actually trying to function at less than full capacity. Pay attention to your diet and get plenty of rest. Don’t practice any kind of substance abuse unless you want that to become your ‘career’ rather than building a home business.

Your hang up could be a lack of money to invest in your business. This may take some time just like rebuilding your health. If it means you save $5 every time you have a paycheck or other windfall, then just do it. No matter how long it takes you to get as much as you need to do something, determine the target goal and stick to trying to hit it!

Build a Biz – Be Multi-Engaged

Sometimes it takes a silly image to convey a thought when there may be no word coming to mind. Here we have a robotic being where he has multiple arms and feet. He doesn’t merely walk the walk – he is actually doing something useful with every movement. He is purposeful at all times. His game is always progress and to transcend.

To try to demonstrate how someone can become like one of these powerful beings, this might include that while doing regular account monitoring – checking your commissions and prospects in your affiliate programs, making sure you website is up and running, etc., you also take some time to see if there are any new advertising and marketing services that you might add to your arsenal.

You may also at times see if there are any new opportunities you might add to your portfolio with the possibility of earning more money. While the most important thing on your agenda has to be what you are already doing, you should also keep in mind you could be doing more. This includes even joining free programs that hold some attraction in what they may provide free. Take some time to look them over and of course see what you can do to progress either at the free or upgraded level if the program looks promising.

Multiple streams of income is a brilliant concept. Let’s compare – your salary from your day job. It is always the same; unless of course you are in a position where you may also earn from over-time income projects. These are great but not guaranteed or something you depend on in your monthly budget. (unless you are feeling very, very tired and getting used to working more than 40-hour weeks).

When you have your own home business online, there are no limits other than what you can perceive and support with your actions. Very few if any programs will do anything for you unless you work at it. Learn it, find out what to do, do it, and then keep it up consistently until you see results.

Don’t stop at results! This is just some encouragement to show you that it does happen! Keep up the good work and do more of what you are doing and always try to find more things you can do – whether it is for the programs you are excelling with or ones that haven’t really shown their true colors yet!



Websites with sales funnels can bring in the cash if optimized for high conversions. If you’re wondering what is Online Sales Pro, this review is for you.

Like it or not, if you want to create an online business, then you’ll have to sell something; a service or a product.

Otherwise, it’s kind of like scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It might be possible to make some cash, but you won’t make much.

I see a lot of people who have great aspirations when they start working online, but fail to realize that they need to create a sales funnel of sorts or at least collect leads.

When most people get started online, they’ll launch a website, write some keyword targeted articles, and hope that traffic will show up and they’ll be rich.

Though that strategy does work, there’s one problem; how will you make money from your website?

This is where most people get stuck. They haven’t thought about this step. It was just supposed to be all about writing and publishing articles!

There are a many different ways to make money from your website, but today we will talk about collecting leads and sales funnels.

If you’re interested in doing what I do and making cash with affiliate marketing then check out free email training course.

What is Online Sales Pro?

Online Sales Pro is a package-deal platform that contains a wide range of features which are perfect for people who want to collect leads or optimize online sales.

As someone who has been working online for a several years, I know it’s difficult to optimize online sales. There are a lot of landing page builders that you can use to collect leads for your website. It can all be terribly confusing!

For someone who is not web-savvy, setting up an opt-in page from scratch is a nightmare.

That’s where Online Sales Pro comes into the picture.

Online Sales Pro Landing Pages

Online Sales Pro includes a massive database of landing page templates.

Landing pages are webpages specifically designed to collect leads.

It can be a hassle finding landing pages online and an even bigger hassle integrating them to your website.

Online Sales Pro let’s you choose from a library of over 100 landing page templates, there’s a page for practically every niche.

The best part is that you can create unlimited landing pages, and some landing page templates are designed for specific affiliate programs.

Of course, there are blank templates that you can set up with your own images too.

Check Out Online Sales Pro Sales Video

Real-Time Statistics and Mobile Support

This system tracks a surprising amount of data.

One thing that caught my attention was the real-time tracking and real-time app notifications.

When you download the app to your phone, whenever you collect a new lead, a push notification will be sent to your phone.

You’ll be able to see your funnel working in real-time!

Social Media Training Center

One cool thing about this product is that there’s a training center which contains several videos and articles dedicated to marketing on social media.

These are perfect for anyone who is new to social media marketing and even more advanced marketers will be able to learn a thing or two from these videos.

I thought this was an interesting feature because, more often than not, these products don’t contain training material. It’s excellent because it makes it easy for you to take your landing page and start marketing it and collecting conversions.

There’s also a feature called Automated 7 Figure Follow Up, a follow-up system designed by Vincent Ortega. He’ll do the follow-up for you and there’s really no strings attached.

It’s really quite interesting!

So if you’re a total beginner, Online Sales Pro makes it easy for you to get started with their system. It walks you through the process of setting up a funnel and there are quite a few introduction and training videos to watch as well.

Online Sales Pro’s Affiliate Program

Online Sales Pro has a cool affiliate program that makes it really easy to make money by promoting the system.

When you sign-up, a custom funnel is created in your name and with your picture along with a short personal introduction (this page can be customized).

You’ll be able to use one of their funnels to promote their system, all they have to do is enter their emails address and more details about the program will be sent to their inbox.

It’s also residual affiliate income so this can be a cool opportunity for anyone who’s interested in earning some more affiliate cash.

You’ll earn $20/month from each referral. 

So, it’s easy to make money with this product too.

Summary of Online Sales Pro

To summarize, what is online sales pro?

It’s a really neat lead generating platform with an decent affiliate program.

I thought it’s definitely a useful program and I will use it to collect leads for my online businesses. It’s relatively cheap too, only $37/month.

I recommend Online Sales Pro!

It’s also important to keep in mind that the program can pay for itself. All you have to do is get 2 affiliates, and boom, free membership!

So, if you need to collect leads for your business or simply looking for a new product to promote as an affiliate, I highly recommend Online Sales Pro, it’s a really neat platform.

Now you know what is Online Sales Pro, if you have any feedback on our review, please leave a comment below.

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Build a Business – Life is Too Short to be Miserable

There are many circumstances that may have developed in your life where you were not quite able to reach your maximum potential. You may have had desires and imagined possibilities that never really materialized for one reason or another.

Of course happiness and self-esteem come from within and can be present no matter what your circumstances, but sometimes you really wish you could do more than you are doing. Many times we are forced to accept what is available to survive. Although we should be very thankful that we do have options, if there are opportunities to create a higher level of happiness and satisfaction, why not go for it?

So you are forced to work on the hamster wheel and have a job you don’t particularly enjoy just to make money to survive. Again you are blessed to have options, so right there things are not that bad. However things can add up over time that can affect your feelings of well-being and satisfaction with your life. You spend most of your waking hours at your job so these issues can become significant.

Examples would be like a hostile environment due to corporate politics, not making enough money to really ever get ahead, no opportunities for any possible growth, and even potential problems with the financial health of the company you work for to worry about.

With all that said in this day and age people just don’t run out and quit their job. They live with it and may do a lot of praying that things don’t implode and at least will stay as good as they are. This is all well and good. However there are still options to improve your lot!

You can create something on your own in your spare time that can represent additional income as well as an environment where you feel you are in control and being creative. Those things can really make you feel better about yourself. Seriously they can really make a big difference to your own psychological bottom line.

With the Internet there are unlimited possibilities and free information available on how you might discover something that you would like to do that could help you in many ways. It may involve starting a business around one of your hobbies or interests, developing office services online using your job skills, or selling products for already established companies.

If you want to try something different, there is no big investment involved so you are free to try a few things that may allow you to accomplish more in your life than you are!


Business Builders May Become Empire Builders

You know everybody had to start somewhere. Very few people were awarded ‘the silver spoon in their mouth’ when they were born. It seems like even if you are given a huge amount of money that it is no guarantee that the person will be a success or more importantly happy in his life even with a big leg up.

Then there are those true guys that built empires on their own and could have started with anything as an initial business. After they got the first one going and figured it out and achieved a little success, they went on to add more things that might generate income. At the ‘end of the day’ they have a business empire.

Not saying everybody is capable of starting General Motors or anything, but on a smaller scale we are all quite capable of doing just about anything we put our mind to with a little luck (and common sense). It doesn’t have to be ‘rocket science’ or anything spectacular – money is money and doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it is legal and ethical.

There are so many facets to business and to the Internet that there is just really an unlimited number of possibilities that could eventually become part of your empire. You just have to do a little research in your own head about what you are interested in. Then you might take that to next step and do a little simple analysis on what it would take to get involved online.

If the whole thing seems like it is a possibility then you might start planning how you would get it together. Keep it simple. Don’t get any grandiose ideas in the beginning that involve loans or anything that is not totally feasible. This is something that may come later and may require you to prove some things in order to qualify for funding. So don’t even think about it in the beginning.

Crawl, Walk and then Run

Your First Step, Crawl

How about start slow if you are new to online marketing or almost don’t have any funds to invest?

Now to start an online business you have to invest money. It’s almost impossible to start from nil zero. You can start free, but it will take so much time that most people will quit. But look around under couches and behind your sofa for $25.
I’m sure if you look hard enough you will find the needed $25 which I’m pretty sure you will earn back fast. That is if you take action.
As a matter of fact, that is all you need for your first business and to start crawling.
But remember. This is a marathon, not a race

It’s very easy!
– Copy.
– Paste.
– That’s it.

What I have in mind is the Email Processing System program.

Pay the $25 to my PayPal account and I will send you the instructions immediate so you can collect your $25 fast. This can build up pretty fast.

This is a perfect business to start with. Low initial investment. And easy to promote. After you have earned a decent sum you can move up to the next step to start walking.

Total Cost: $25 one-time

Goodie bag #1 How about I create your page for you like this one

Your Second Step, Walk

Easy Automated System, Up To $1,000 INSTANT Commissions

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Online Sales Pro Marketing System,
More Leads. More Sales. More Profits.

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Now you have a strong promotion package like this below.
With this package you can promote all the programs on this page with catching pages like these:

Email Processing System


Online Sales Pro

Your Third Step, Run

By now you should have some money to reinvest. You will now start to walk slow.I now show you three programs that will give you a nice monthly residual income.

To really add up power we use an autoresponder to collect your leads.
Which by the way is so important that you have to start doing this as fast as possible. We use one of the very best online.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

But you can run whatever combination you want. Please contact me so we can setup a suitable business for you.
The goal is, not to spend money you can’t afford.
Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Much Success

Lars Deshayes