Getting Things Done – Try to be Ahead of Time

Whenever possible try to have advanced notice of something that you need to do to keep your business running smoothly, and then go for it. You never know what may happen between now and the deadline for this issue. It could be anything – lots of little things or some that will be time consuming and may prevent you from being on time.

If you can handle doing things ahead of time even in increments, you will be ahead of the game whether or not anything out of the ordinary happens to delay you. Best case you can sit and feel prepared and on top of things. You may at this point even be able to identify something you could have done better – and even do it that way either this time or next time.

The point is there are things that do need to be done all the time with a home business. It may not be as apparent but you know what they are. Putting things off is a terrible idea for many reasons including deadlines and becoming overwhelmed when too many things stack up.

Making lists is of course very useful in staying organized – however you don’t want to have too many of these going on either. Lists may be critical but they are only instrumental in assisting you to keep track of what you need to do. They do not actually do anything to influence your bottom line.

When it comes to keeping lists it is helpful to have a few that reflect different time periods. You want to be able to see your target goals clearly. Mixing up what you need by this Wednesday is hardly relevant to what you need next month except maybe indirectly. The point though is you end up with a big scribbled mess that could hardly help you feel organized.

You should have at least 3-lists. One that reflects what you need to do in the short-term – today or this week. Another that has mid-range goals as may be necessary within 30-days. Then you can have a ‘master plan that reflects your long-range plans and might cover 6-months to a year so that you will remember what your long-term target goals are.

Get a Major Clue – You Have Things to Do

How long can you really put off doing what you know you need to do to keep your home business running and healthy? Will you wait until it needs artificial life support? This could cost you big time if you want to rescue it. It would seem a lot smarter just to do what you know you need to do.

This really means building momentum by being fairly aggressive with your marketing and advertising. No money? Find another way. Get smart and use your blog. Whether or not it is a part of your website, or even if it is only linked. Be sure to do one or the other so that it will draw targeted traffic to your lead capture mechanisms.

Just as important if not more so is to compel the search engines to index your site and start to give you a ranking so that people can see your links when they search.

Spend a little free time doing some new keyword research and make some swipe files so that you have a ready list of keywords to use in your blog posts, articles, ads, etc. It is time well-spent and again it is absolutely free so no excuses about no resources.

If you are really seeing a deficit in traffic and sales then you may even consider doing some ‘old school’ free things like posting a few text ads and/or banners in traffic exchanges. Even though they may have a low conversion rate, spend the time. One sale is better than none and could actually eventually represent something substantial if you find a good prospect.

There are numerous bulletin boards and other places you can place ads if you really look for them. This includes simple things like adding a link under your signature when you post to a forum or social network. Again they may not have the greatest conversion rates but it beats doing nothing and may actually lead to something because you have got to do what you have to do, one way or the other.

Develop an Online Business Today – Uncle Sam can Help

Did you know that if you are a US citizen that the IRS will allow you 4-years to make a profit on your home business? During this time you may file deductions for any expenses incurred even when there is no profit. However, after 4-years if you have still not made any profit, they will then look at your business as a hobby and will no longer give you any deductions.

That really sounds more than fair and as though our government wants us to accomplish something more than usual. There is a whole laundry list of possible deductions you may claim if you use your home for business, whether full or part-time. Be sure to check the IRS website thoroughly yearly before filing your taxes, because the regulations do change.

Ideally you will have a source of income during the 4-years where you are attempting to start a home business part-time. You may pay regular income taxes for that income as you normally would and that too helps with your bottom line. The rules are a little more strict for this situation, for example they require you not only to have official home office space but the room needs a door so it is not used for anything else.

If and when your home business did grow to be an official source of income, you don’t need the door. Some of the things that would be deductible from the inception would be a percentage of your rent or mortgage according to the square feet actually used for the home office. As well, a percent of most utilities would be deductible as a % of expenses spent on your business.

Be absolutely sure that you have every single shred of paper that would be construed as a receipt for any of your deductions. Very simple to maintain if you start out and remain organized. Print them out and put them in a folder or leave them in a designated folder online. You can also print out statements from your bank(s) and payment processors, carefully indicating exactly what they are for.

The key is to remain organized and scrupulously honest from day 1. Don’t’ be scrambling around trying to find things at the last minute and possibly have to file without the benefit of a deduction you can’t document.

The Only Thing Constant is Change


Circumstances change daily. If nothing else in your sphere you know at least the moon changes phases regularly. The sun goes up and down, and the planets move around. So even if nothing in our immediate lives seem to change, the universe always does.

There must be some reason(s) for this and I am sure someone with a scientific bent might understand why, what, how. Not really important though to us as long as things go as they should and there are no unexpected natural disasters for any reason that causes a problem for us.

With that said, you do have most likely several aspects to your life that may be vulnerable to change whether good or bad. Our family situation, our day job, our interests and hobbies, our health, etc. may change at any time. Hopefully it will change for the better only!

It is actually a good idea however to make changes on your own if for no other reason than to stimulate your learning and experience. For example if you have chosen to create an extra element in your life like starting an online home business, on one hand you will want to stick with things long enough to see how they unfold – what you can accomplish,

However on the other hand because things do change, and some are not that obvious as the moon, you want to stay in touch with what is happening and always be pursuing change – even in the sense of keeping what is working and adding what else may work a little, as well or even better. That way we don’t miss any opportunities that may otherwise present themselves.

It’s pretty much always about keeping an open mind whenever we are talking progress or even logic. As long as we are open to possibilities, we may be able to grasp things as they come our way and take advantage of them. Conversely if we are ‘asleep at the wheel’ some very good opportunities may pass us right by.

As long as you have taken care of the business you already have and know everything is functioning, take a little time to go and see what is happening that may be new. Don’t make it your main focus, but just give it a little time to browse around and see what may be an option. Then do a little research. Check out the buzz but just don’t get hung up there.

Home Business Things – When Things Get Tough the Tough Get Going

You know what? When things get tough you should realize you have to try harder in your home business just to keep up with your own status quo. Major clues may be that you appear to be stagnating (not making progress); or even worse you may be actually falling behind (sales are tanking)

Actually even this may be a positive thing because you may end up exceeding your past levels as a result of the extra effort you may put forth into trying to catch up! You may become re-enthused in accomplishing something with your business. Who knows at this time in your life, if you do not become even more excited about the possibilities and as a result be willing to make more effort to really succeed with your home business.

There is always something that seems paradoxical to some and that is to be ‘divorced from the fruits of your actions’. You naturally want to see results for your work. However it really can tend to make people want to rush and give them unrealistic expectations when they are only focused on the rewards. People really need to be aware that they need to focus on taking the actions that will eventually produce the results.

Otherwise you are putting ‘the carriage before the horse’. This is evident in many ‘new’home business entrepreneurs where they are almost laser focused on – what they are going to get right away. They completely seem not to acknowledge logic or reality and insist that things will happen by osmosis merely because some successful guy told them it would.

They are in complete denial that they need to invest their time and effort to actually develop a business before they will see substantial results. It is not a quick, shallow half-effort a few times or once in a while. It needs to be a whole-hearted effort just like it would be if you had a job you wanted to do well with and succeed at.

The only difference is this one is for you – you are not putting forth this effort to make someone else rich. If you do it right and you really want it, it can be you that reaps the benefits. Think about that for a while especially if you feel bored or disenchanted with your life in general and/or your business in particular.

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